History and culture

Technology – powered by know-how

Our culture:

Since its founding in 1982, we have maintained a special corporate culture. Based on old values ​​such as honesty and respect, we innovatively follow the requirements of our customers.

With the change of generations, Schweiger assumes the role of a modern supplier and service provider for mechanical engineering and industry.

Our mission:

We help our customers to produce their machines and equipment more cost-effectively.   We see ourselves as service providers for our customers. Our individual service and a comprehensive range of products and services help our customers to increase their flexibility while at the same time conserving their resources


Albert Schweiger founds the company, being a distribution partner of Honeywell.






1993The A.Schweiger GmbH specializes on the distribution of components and systems for machinery and plant engineering as well as equipment engineering.



1987The development of the company already allows to buy property in Heimstetten (in the municipality of Kirchheim).





1986Relocating into the first, very-own company building is completed by August.







The A. Schweiger GmbH starts to produce completely assembled cable – and plug connections in Steinenbronn near Stuttgart.


1995 – 1996
Purchase of a property in Sauerlach, south of Munich, and start of construction of a new distribution – and administration building.





Sauerlach1Since August, the A. Schweiger GmbH operates from Sauerlach.







April 2001
The division “Schweiger Produktion” moves into a new building with 2000m² in Dettenhausen near Stuttgart and expands its production capacities for assembled wires, installation of energy chains and the production of system components.

Together with strong partners from industry, the Schweiger services of IBS-system components are being developed and provided.
The grown competences of each business division are being combined logistically as well as in terms of production and distribution. Therefore, a new quality-level of production output and service-standard arises, which allows the customer a higher potential of saving.

A majority of German machine tool manufacturers belong to the clientele of Schweiger IBS-services.




Graduate Engineer Dr. Christoph Schweiger joins the company to keep it in business also in 2nd generation.





Luftbild_webAfter only 9 months of construction work the expansion of the head office in Sauerlach is completed. This investment had to be done thanks to the fast expanding sector of the IBS-system components and services.

The new production site borders the existing Schweiger head office and is combined with it via a gangway. In addition, 1000m² of production space and 250m² of office space for design, work preparation and production planning are available.



Founding of Schweiger Montage GmbH.



An adjacent hall is taken over by a textile discounter and housed the Schweiger Assembly therein.






The Schweiger Produktion GmbH in Dettenhausen has moved. The Schweiger Production GmbH is now based in Weil im Schönbuch, about 5km away from today´s location. The new property has 6200m². With more than 2000m² of production area, the capacity of production of cable manufacturing, cable harnesses which are ready for connection and system components is rising substantially.


Weil1Great importance attached to the modern, functional and bright architecture which is already known from existing company buildings of the Schweiger GmbH. Professional workflows and a positive work climate can therefore be guaranteed.



An extensive increase of capacity and electronical process optimization are being implemented. To ensure the world-wide marketing of EcoMolded®, an international network of distributors and partners is being developed. The division “services of industrial assembles” is being expanded. A new focus is put on OEM-businesses in the sector of cable manufacturing.



The division “services of industrial assemblies” is being run under its own organization by Schweiger Montage GmbH. Thus, the basis for a successful development has been built.




Schweiger designs and produces self-developed plug connectors and provides customized solutions for cable connections by using the molding technology.




Schweiger is one of the first companies to receive DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification. For the expansion of the cable assembly business, production possibilities for large and large quantities are created abroad. Schweiger is the first professional switchgear manufacturer to expand its portfolio of system building services.



In particular, the cable assembly sector is experiencing strong growth of more than 40%. Hose assemblies for robotics are included in the portfolio. An own design department for connectors and cable assembly solutions is established. The 3D printing technology is established. Schweiger becomes official distributor of TE Industrial.




The number of employees of the Schweiger Group rises to 230 employees.


A. Schweiger GmbH acquires 100% of the shares of PRONET GmbH in Rodgau, Hessen.



Schweiger Produktion GmbH at Weil im Schönbuch has additional premises available.
These include:

  • a hall with hall crane and truck loading ramp with 765 qm
  • a covered and sheltered open space with 500 qm
  • an open space of 935 qm

General Manager Albert Schweiger:
``We deliberately decided to strengthen and expand our company in the industrial location of Germany in order to provide the future generation with an attractive future.``